In March 2010, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance representing the final step in saving Waldo Woods. Combined with the building purchase by MMSC Day School, we saved the trees and the building!


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Historic Waldo Hospital c. 1925
Dr. Waldo and his trees

What's happening now?

The March 2010 passing of Seattle Ordinance 123248 marked the last step in a nearly 4-year campaign to preserve Waldo Woods and historic Waldo Hospital.

The MMSC Day School purchased the building in 2009 with the intention of turning it into a school. Since Waldo Hospital was built specifically as a teaching institution, this is an amazingly appropriate outcome to a long battle by the community to preserve this historic building.

In 2007, the Maple Leaf Community Council applied for an won a King County Conservation Futures grant of $300,000. This money was applied to match MMSC's donation of development rights of the property under Waldo Woods. The net effect is Waldo Woods will be preserved forever.

What's Happening Next
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