The developers want to portray our neighborhood's effort to preserve Waldo Hospital as a corruption of the landmark process simply to stop development. The current owner says the preservation effort is an effort to prevent them from selling the property. Neither statement is true. The neighborhood knows development of this site is going to happen. The goal of the Maple Leaf Community is to positively shape development by making it respect the significance of this historical site. There are many examples in our own city of development doing exactly that, proving that development and preservation are not mutually exclusive.

1. Sign our petition to show your support to save the Waldo Hospital site intact. Click here to download a PDF of the petition (it is a large file, so be patient). Get your neighbors to sign and then mail it to the address on the petition. Add your voice to those of nearly 2,000 of your neighbors in the effort to Save Waldo.

2. Sign up to the Maple Leaf Community Council's Save Waldo mailing list. They use this mailing list to disseminate important information about the Save Waldo campaign.

3. Once you are signed up for the mailing list, encourage your friends to also join the e-mail notification list. The more people we have, the more persuasive we will be to the people involved in trying to take Historic Waldo Hospital away from our community.

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